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KONG - Puppy Binkie - Soft Teething Rubber, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy - for Small Puppies - Blue

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Get your small puppy through the tough teething stage with the KONG Puppy Binkie! Made of soft rubber, this treat dispensing toy is perfect for soothing your puppy's sore gums. The unique shape makes it easy to hold and fun to chew on. Keep your puppy happy and entertained with the KONG Puppy Binkie.


  • Teething Puppies: The KONG Puppy Binkie has a unique pacifier shape that's made using a soft, natural rubber formula. It is designed to support growing puppies during teething by soothing their sore teeth and gums
  • Appropriate Chewing: This gentle but long-lasting toy helps satisfy instinctual needs and chewing behavior by encouraging healthy play. This treat-dispensing puppy toy is a viable solution for chewing, separation anxiety, teething, boredom, weight management, crate training, digging, and barking
  • Great for Stuffing: Fill up the KONG Binkie with your pup's favorite snacks or meals to help them learn important traits such as independence, problem-solving, and trusting their instincts. It also promotes physical activity to help manage your pup's weight. To make the toy even more enticing, fill it up with bits of puppy kibble, peanut butter, KONG Puppy Easy Treat, snacks, or Ziggies
  • Durability: This puppy toy is designed for hours of chewing and offers endless learning opportunities. It is the ultimate, durable interactive play toy for pups
  • Small Size: For puppies up to 20 lbs (9 kg). This dog toy is specially designed for puppies up to nine months of age. Available in either Pink or Blue color


Soft Teething Rubber: The KONG Puppy Binkie is made from soft teething rubber, specially designed to soothe your puppy's gums during the teething process. The gentle texture provides relief from discomfort and encourages healthy chewing habits.

Treat Dispensing: This versatile toy also doubles as a treat dispenser, making it perfect for keeping your puppy entertained and mentally stimulated. Simply fill the center cavity with your puppy's favorite treats or peanut butter, and watch as they work to retrieve the tasty rewards.

For Small Puppies: Designed specifically for small puppies, the KONG Puppy Binkie is the perfect size for young dogs who are still developing their chewing strength. It's lightweight and easy for small mouths to grasp, making it an ideal choice for teething puppies.

Durable Construction: Like all KONG toys, the Puppy Binkie is built to last. Made from durable rubber, it can withstand hours of chewing and play without losing its shape or integrity. This ensures that your puppy can enjoy their new toy for weeks, if not months, to come.

Promotes Healthy Chomping Habits: Chewing is a natural behavior for puppies, and the KONG Puppy Binkie helps promote healthy chewing habits. By providing a safe and satisfying outlet for chewing, it can help prevent destructive chewing behaviors and encourage appropriate chewing on toys instead.

Encourages Play and Exercise: In addition to providing relief during the teething process, the KONG Puppy Binkie also encourages play and exercise. Its unpredictable bounce and treat-dispensing feature make it a fun and engaging toy that will keep your puppy entertained for hours on end.


Engage your puppy with KONG PUPPY BINKIE: Soft Teething Rubber, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy. Designed for small puppies, this durable toy promotes healthy chewing habits and provides relief during the teething process. Perfect for play and exercise, it's a must-have for any puppy owner.

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  • PRODUCT: KONG - Puppy Binkie - Soft Teething Rubber, Treat Dispensing Dog Toy - for Small Puppies - Blue
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